Unexpected financial situations can happen to everyone and usually lead to various expenses such as medical bills, car repairs, home repairs and monthly bills. At times, we need funds that do not require a lengthy process.

Yes, asking a family member is one alternative, although it is rarely something that is easy to do. It is not even an option for everyone.

Banks and traditional lenders may be another option. Yet these are also not available or suitable for everyone, especially when credit score is a worry or there is an immediate need for instant funds.

This is where alternatives such as direct lender payday loans with no teletrack can be a life saver. In fact, with almost 100% approval ratings commonplace with these types of loans, it may be the best form of financial assistance.

If you do not think that traditional lending options are available or consider the traditional loan process too slow for your situation, consider using a direct payday loan lender.

Direct Lenders Payday Loans No Teletrack

By filling out a simple form you can instantly get connected to many direct lenders matching your criteria that can use income as the determining factor not your credit score.You may ‘Accept’or ‘Reject’any offer they send you.

Direct Lenders Payday Loans No Teletrack


The whole point is to try to get quick cash within 24 hours. Our network comprises of the largest pool of direct lenders that have vast experience working with those that have low or no credit and also clients that seek a No Teletrack loan with a direct lender.

It is important to understand that these types of loans must be used with responsibility. Higher interest rates mean that frivolous lending with a payday loan is never a good idea. These are designed for those unexpected moments that life throws at us.

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What is a Payday Loan with No Teletrack?

Teletrack represents a company that does not usually work with financial institutions, but collaborates closely with direct lenders. It is responsible for offering reports on applicants that can include companies they’ve done business with, previous loans or whether or not they feature an imminent risk of bankruptcy.  This can generate a negative report that will determine some direct lenders to not accept your loan request.

Here at Payday loans ‘fast n easy’ we make the task of finding a payday loan borrowers with no teletrack simple ! Since we work with one of the largest pool of direct lenders, you will always be able to find a direct lender that can run through options of alternative criteria to running a Teletrack.

Our network of direct lenders have vast experience in dealing with clients with low credit, no credit or those that prefer alternative methods than going through the Teletrack system. Specially for those that do have a source of income can avoid many of these credit checks and system checks when working with our lenders.

Payday loans carry a negative stigma yet there are instances where they offer financial relief to those that need it. A type of short-term loan with no teletrack offers small cash loans that are repaid a few weeks later.

Payday loans with no teletrack have fewer restrictions in place. While the terms for payday loans are much more relaxed than with other types of lenders. Payday loans with no teletrack will seek to look at other factors such as income as a determining factor of your loan amount. This means large pool of borrowers will have 100% approval experience.

There are no agents checking financial history, no long and drawn out processes to get cleared for a loan. In most cases you can get 100% approval the day you apply for the loan!

Direct Lender Payday Loans No Teletrack 100 Approval

Why is This Important?

You may be wondering why you need a direct payday loan lender that uses no teletrack or credit checks. While not for everyone, these types of payday loans are suitable for anyone with bad credit or a lack of credit history.

For instance, a traditional lender, like a bank, checks your credit history before approving for a loan. This is done to reduce the risk of lending you the money. However, it is an issue for people with poor or no credit history – people that need financial assistance cannot receive it.

With a direct payday lender, you don’t need to worry about this process. In fact, in only seldom that they perform various checks! Providing you have proof of age, employment, own a checking account, and live in the US, you’re guaranteed to be cleared for the loan.  Furthermore, you can get approval even as an unemployed borrower.

A payday loan with no teletrack with us is based on your current income, not the strength of your credit history.

The Benefits of a Direct Lender Payday Loan

Wondering whether a payday loan from a direct lender is worth a consideration? Here are some of the reasons that a payday loan may be a good alternative to traditional lending:

Fast Loan Approval – Get Your Loan Within 24 Hours

100% Approval Direct Lenders Match within 24 hours

As the name suggests, a direct lender’s loaning process is incredibly direct and fast. The cash loan is coming directly from one source , meaning the loan arrives almost immediately. For instance, most direct lenders requiring no credit check payday loans are approved within 24-hours.

This means you can have access from anywhere between $100-$1,000 in 24 hours or less. Certain financial situations mean you need the cash as soon as possible. For example, imagine your car breaks down but you need it to get to work. You do not have enough money until your next payday but you still need a car to get to work.

In this situation, a payday loan from a direct payday loan lender can have the cash in your checking account the next day. No delays, no waiting several days for approval or for the cash to clear into your account. Just instant access to the cash you need to get your car repaired so you can drive to work.

Repaying on Time Keeps the Cost of the Loan to a Minimum

Providing you know you can afford the repayment of the loan in your next pay check, then payday loans are certainly manageable. Again, these should only ever be used in those rare financial emergencies when you need fast access to a small cash loan and know you can repay it soon.

Of course, the higher interest of these loans is always a talking point. The reason interest is so high is that the lack of credit checks means the loan is a higher risk for the lender, so they make the interest higher to cover the risk.

While it does lead to issues if the loan is paid over a long period, quick repayment of your loan negates much of the cost. For instance, if you repay the loan on your payday within the agreed time frame, you keep the cost of the payday loan to a minimum.

Plus, if you repay on time as expected, then there are no hidden fees or additional charges – you know exactly how much the loan costs! Many people end up paying more in overdraft fees from their bank compared to a payday loan – there are not as scary as you hear.

Less Stress and Frustration

Difficult financial situations are always very stressful. Yet not being able to get any sort of loan only makes the situation worse. Even needing to wait several days to hear back from a lender is very stressful and often frustrating.

Direct payday loans offer respite from this. You get a loan of the cash that you need quicker than most places so you can sort the situation out as fast as possible. 

How Our Service Helps

Choose from the best Direct Lender's Offers
Choose the Perfect Direct Lender for your situation.

The biggest risk of a loan is choosing the wrong provider. We help to find the best direct payday lender for your situation. Whether you need fast access to cash or require no credit checks, our system finds you the most suitable lender for your circumstances.

Here are some ways that our service can help you find the best payday loan:

  • Compare the rates of different lenders to find the best option
  • Rejecting Offers that do not Satisfy the needs of borrower
  • See which payday lenders offer 100% approval
  • Find direct lender with No Teletrack
  • Get Cash withing 24 Hours from the Lender
  • Avoild Loans from unreputable lenders