Why opt for installment loans instead of payday loans ?

At PayDay loans ‘fast n easy’ we offer you the possibility of opting for a $500 installment loan with monthly payments, just so it matches any need you might have.

We know that the majority of Americans have faced at least once in their lifetime a financial crisis, which is why we allow you to borrow as little as $500, fast cash to rebalance your day-to-day financials.

Yet we recommend you opt for this type of installment loan instead of payday loans, as they represent a more flexible method of borrowing money, that does not limit you to repaying the borrowed money at your next salary.

$500 Loan with Monthly Payments

This loans represent a more flexible method of borrowing money for smaller amounts such as $500 which you will pay in monthly installments.

$500 Loan with Monthly Payments

Some other beneficial aspects that will make you consider opting for an installment loan include:

  • No minimum credit score needed for loan approval;
  • The application form is submitted via our online service;
  • The majority of lenders we work with offer an answer in no more than 30 minutes;
  • Your installment loan will be delivered within 3 to 24 hours depending on the bank where you have your personal account;
  • Flexible repayment methods, when compared with payday loans;
    Our installment loans are suitable for everyone, including bad credit borrowers.

How to get a $500 installment loan

Having an unexpected emergency, being a person with a bad credit score or trying to avoid unnecessary formalities required by traditional loan option – these are all reasons that can make someone consider opting for online direct lending services.

At PayDay loans ‘fast n easy’ you can benefit from an installment loan even for a lower amount such as $500, if you follow a couple of simple steps.

An online form is ready for you to complete on our website with a couple of personal data such as Name, Address or the amount of money you expect to receive.

Besides submitting an online form, you can qualify for receiving it if:

  • You can offer your potential lender a viable bank account for the funds to transferred directly to it;
  • You can offer a proof of employment that will get you a regular income source that will guarantee you will have the means for repaying the borrowed money;
  • You are at least 18 years old;
  • You are an US citizen, whom works and lives legally in the United States;
  • You have a valid ID issued by the US that verifies you live here legally.

Why choose our services?

We at PayDay Loans fast’n’easy are a team of professionals that constantly work with a professional pool of lenders. Our network is one of the vastest on the market, while our lenders stand out due to their reputable and trustworthy services.

You can request today an installment loan of 500 dollar, which will require monthly repayments from your part.

The entire application process is easy, the form being designed in such manner that it is rather intuitive than complicated. After you send your online form via our platform, we will connect you with the lenders that suit your needs the best.

And, of course, if you qualify for a better loan, we will let you know that there are other possibilities for your situation.